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JAG electronics - tube amplifiers

JAG Electronics is the successor of Phoenix company. It originated from great passion for music of two audiophiles: Dariusz Gryglewski and Krzysztof Jasiński.

Purely audiophilic, and not commercial approach to tube amplifiers as well as 20 years of experience in their construction, resulted in many new audio equipment designs, which JAG Electronics will successively launch into the market.

Thanks to specific design, the usage of cables instead of printed plates in audio course, we achieved much better results.

Every single amplifier is prepared according to individual needs of the client. It is he who decides on the elements used in the construction. We also advise the client on the choice of other elements of the audio system (loudspeakers, CD player, etc.)

Our amplifiers are already enjoyed all over the world: in Germany, Sweden, USA and Australia.

JAG electronics
tube amplifiers